PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Casting calls and auditions are how most actors get jobs.

So when a flyer about a casting call from SAS Casting began circulating looking for talent of all ages, it caused a stir. Especially the part about an up-front $150 fee to audition.

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In reality, the agreement says you only get a listing in their catalog for your $150.

“Which is a big no-no; that’s uncalled for in our industry,” Deb Docherty, of Docherty Casting, says.

She says it amounts to paying for something you can already get for free.

“So you’re paying to audition, but you’re still not guaranteed that you’re going to get the gig, so why’re you doing it,” Docherty said.

The Pittsburgh Film Office posted a warning on its website: “Never agree to pay anyone anything for auditions or jobs.”

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Veteran performer Etta Cox says paying a fee like that just isn’t necessary.

“I wouldn’t say it’s a scam, but there are a lot of actors out there that really want the work, and so they would pay,” Cox said. “They would think they couldn’t get any auditions, but there are plenty here in Pittsburgh.”

Nancy Mosser, who has cast a number of major movies in Pittsburgh says, “Production companies pay casting directors to find talent; therefore, there would be no legitimate reason why any casting company would ask talent to pay for an audition.”

“If you’re a talent, you should be suspicious, and I would run the other way,” casting director Donna Belajac says of the SAS fee.

Referring to his SAS Casting website, Brad Sommer, a lawyer with offices in Market Square, would not be interviewed on camera, but he sent a statement.

In sum he says: “Talent that do not want to participate in our casting call, do not have to participate. It is unfortunate to me that some people jump to conclusions and make outrageous allegations without seeking more information.”

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