LATROBE (93-7 The Fan) — The Fan Morning Show chatted with Steelers wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders at training camp on Wednesday.

Sanders feels that the team’s offense can only get better in its second year under coordinator Todd Haley.

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“It has no choice but to grow,” Sanders said. “Last year was our first time in the system and guys were really uncomfortable at times in the game, because we didn’t really understand where he wanted us to be. Ben [Roethlisberger] didn’t really understand certain plays. So this year, now, it’s year two. We’re familiar with the system, and we’re familiar with Todd Haley’s personality, and where he wants us to be, and things of that sort, so I’m looking forward to us taking off.”

He explained that his role changes a bit now that Mike Wallace isn’t with the team.

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“It’s definitely different,” Sanders said. “I’m moving from the slot to the outside, and I’ve been playing slot all four years of college, [and] ever since I got here. This is my first year on the outside, and I’m kind of liking it, you know? All you got to do is beat one of the cornerbacks. You don’t have to worry about linebackers, safeties, any of that. So I like it.”

“You can’t really think about the contract, because the moment that you think about the contract, it takes away from football,” Sanders said. “I play this game for the love of it. Yeah, I have a big opportunity – time for me to set my family up. But at the same time, you can’t think about that. I don’t worry about that. It has never crossed my mind. I’m just happy to be a starter for the Pittsburgh Steelers. I’ve got a great opportunity ahead of me. I’m embracing it. I’m embracing football, and I’m not worried about the business side of it. The business side will take care of itself.”

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