LATROBE (93-7 The Fan) — The Fan Morning Show chatted with Steelers linebacker Larry Foote at training camp on Wednesday, and he had plenty to say about the team’s attitude coming off an 8-8 season.

“We got humbled last year. We watched everybody in the playoffs, watched the team east of us (the Ravens) win the whole thing. So what we’re smelling like, we don’t prefer to smell it,” Foote said.

“Couple plays here and there, we could have been easily 12-4, but that’s how the game goes, you know? It’s truly a game of inches, and it’s a game of inches when it comes to your standing and the seeds. So you’ve got to finish them close games, and find a way to get into the playoffs.”

“When you’re 8-8 when you’ve got a lot of veteran guys on the team, there’s no need to talk or speak. We know the expectations around here in Steeler Nation, that that’s not acceptable. Guys are upset, and hopefully the younger guys are following suit from the older guys, and just pick it up.”

“You can’t make it in this league if you’re not hungry. It’s too demanding every single day. You’ve got to be consistent year in and year out, so if you don’t have that mentality that I have, you won’t make it to 12 [years in the league].”

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