PITTSBURGH (93.7 The Fan) – At PNC Park Pup Night earlier in the week, The Fans Andrew Fillipponi found himself in the middle of a spirited debate about if a dog could be taught to tag up from third and score on a flyout.

Sports anchor Eric Hagman is not someone who thinks it could be done. But Andrew pledges to make a lifelong goal the pursuit of training a canine to accomplish this task.

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We have seen dogs who can say words and go to the fridge to get a beer, so why not this?

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Andrew is joined by Fan Sports anchor Jim Colony who is on his way back from Steelers camp in Latrobe. Jim thinks that a dog could be trained to tag up but the third base coach would be out of a job.

Jim is more concerned about what kind of counter measures the opposing team might take, such as employing a “hot female dog” to distract the dog who would be considering tagging up. Jim is surprised that former manager Tony LaRussa has not attempted this strategy.

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