HEMPFIELD TOWNSHIP (KDKA) — For MaryAnne Steele sprinkling a small bottle of holy water on her mom’s grave and a saying a few prayers is peace of mind.

“I just stand and I talk to both of them, sprinkle holy water on both of their graves and pray for a while,” said Steele.

For the first time in a long time, Steele is at peace in the cemetery where her parents are buried.

“What a relief… to finally to have it look like it should,” she said.

Steele’s mother, Rita Nye, died in May and was buried at the Hillview Cemetery in Greensburg.

However, her grave had been left a nasty mess for nearly three months. Not enough dirt, in fact it was so bad you could see the vault. Also, a man walking through the cemetery fell into the grave.

“I would come here and feel stress the whole time,” Steele said. “I couldn’t think of anything but.”

She called and called the cemetery association, nothing; and then results within hours of KDKA’s report Wednesday night exposing the problem.

“Thank you so much,” said Steele. “I called and called and nothing, but somebody must have heard something.”

KDKA’s Ralph Iannotti tried to get someone to tell him who made the mess. KDKA’s Marty Griffin tried to get anyone to call him back about who made the mess and who came by and cleaned it up.

KDKA couldn’t get a return phone call, but did stop a truck that was leaving the cemetery Thursday with two men in it.

Griffin: “She died May 25. Why did it take so long?”

Cemetery Worker: “It just kept raining, it settled. I’m sorry?”

Griffin: Thank you sir, appreciate it.”

For Steele, the cleanup means so much. When she’s here, she still feels like she’s with family. She had a few words for her mom Thursday.

“I told her you can finally rest now,” Steele said.

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