PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Police say a Squirrel Hill man who claimed to be the victim of a crime, has now been arrested himself.

In a criminal complaint Pittsburgh police say Isaac Cameron, 21, was arrested early Friday morning when they saw him speeding, and not making a complete stop.

When they stopped him they smelled a strong odor or marijuana, and found a loaded .45 caliber pistol as well as a golf-ball sized baggie of marijuana.

Police say Cameron does not have a license to carry a gun.

Just Wednesday, Cameron said he had more than $113,000 worth of jewelry and other items stolen from his home, including a laptop computer with “rap beats” on it.

Cameron said he makes the beats for famous musicians, including rapper Wiz Khalifa.

He told police he picked up the suspect, Tariq Rasiq Mahdi, 19, took him to the house where Mahdi stole from him.

Mahdi allegedly called Cameron and returned the stolen items Thursday night.

Police haven’t filed charges against Mahdi, but Cameron is now facing drug and gun charges, as well as numerous traffic violations.

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