DARLINGTON (KDKA) – There’s an odd, sight that just went up in a local town.

It is 20 feet tall with biceps larger than a small child.

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It weighs 1,500 pounds, stands 20-feet-tall with 5-foot biceps and 6-foot legs.

It’s safe to say the massive gold-colored statue known as “Zuverman” is going to turn some heads in Darlington, Beaver County.

“Zuverman is a world famous statue, based upon the owner of Zuver’s Gym, which was in southern California back in the 60s. A lot of famous people like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Franco Columbu got their start at the gym, lifting there,” Rick Tsai said.

Tsai, who owns Brickyard Gym in Darlington, has always been into weightlifting. So, when he found out “Zuverman” was up for sale, he jumped at the opportunity.

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“My husband has been a big collector of bodybuilding memorabilia ever since I’ve known him, so it didn’t surprise me and I said, ‘Oh well, see if you can get a good price and go ahead and get it,’” Tammy Tsai said.

As you can imagine, because of the size of this statue, getting it here to Pennsylvania was not easy. The trip from Portland, Ore. took five days, over 2,500 miles and all that through two blizzards.

“We had to saw his arms off because he didn’t fit in the truck and then we reconstructed him back in Pennsylvania,” Rick Tsai said.

It took a crane to put “Zuverman” in place on a pedestal outside of Brickyard Gym on Darlington Road.

The massive statue is now listed in Roadside America – a national guide to odd tourist attractions.


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