MOUNT PLEASANT (KDKA) – A well-planned heist was caught on camera at a convenience store in Fayette County.

It happened at the Speedy Meedy’s at the bottom of Three Mile Hill in Mount Pleasant.

The thieves can be seen backing up their truck to the front door. They tie chain to one door, but the handle breaks. When they tie it to the other, the entire door comes unhinged.

“I cried,” store manager Casey Martin says. “It was sad. I just don’t see how peope could do that. I just don’t get it.”

The thieves go straight for an ATM in the back of the store, but the chain snaps causing a cooler to plow in the counter.

The men carry the ATM to their truck and take off.

They were only in the store for about three minutes.

“The doors were torn off the store. The ice cream chest was right in front of the door,” Martin recounts. “The counters were split in half and all of the registers were laying on the floor.

The suspects took off in a black older model Chevy truck. They were wearing gloves and masks and also had their license plate covered.

Store owners are hoping a car driving by around 3:30am Wednesday may have seen what happened.

If you have information you think can help crack the case, contact state police at the Uniontown Barracks.

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