PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — On the 9th floor of the BNY Mellon building downtown, you’ll find the desk of Jennifer Chieng.

“I help manage BNY Mellon’s global subsidiaries cash,” Jennifer says in a gentle voice.

As she calmly types away, you’d never know there’s a fire brewing.

Each evening, Jennifer leaves the world of finance behind and enters another world—the world of boxing.

“It’s not for everyone if you don’t have the heart for it,” Jennifer says.

Jennifer clearly has the heart for it.

Half Pilipino, half Micronesian, she only began boxing a few years back as a hobby to feel closer to her Pacific island roots where contact sports are the norm.

“It started out as an outlet because most of the people in pacific are really into MMA, contact or any physical sport,” Jennifer says as she steps into the ring.

Jennifer has quickly gone from casual boxer to a U.S. Olympic hopeful.

“My top goal, my main objective with boxing is to make the Olympic team. There is no other focus that I have.”

With a little more experience, I think she’ll make it to the 2016 Olympics,” Coach Darren Dolby says.

A former boxer himself who retired undefeated, Dolby has coached junior Olympians and national champions including Pittsburgh’s own, Tika Hemingway.

“She’s got what it takes to win a championship or a gold medal. Just a little more experience, we’ll be there. I believe it,” Dolby says.

In the meantime, you can find Dolby and Jennifer hard at work at downtown Pittsburgh’s 2nd Street Gym.

“I don’t think a fighter has a certain type of look. It probably works to one’s advantage because people don’t expect it and then “pap pap pap.”

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