PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – The Pirates’ six game road trip didn’t turn out so well, but does that put a damper on Bucco fans’ enthusiasm?

Apparently not. For the first time in 20 years, the Pirates are one tough ticket.

The days when fans could walk up to the ticket window and claim any seat they wanted are over.

The only tickets available Friday for the night game were “standing room only.”

“The fans have been coming out in droves,” says Pirates President Frank Coonelly. “Just last week we surpassed our tickets sold for last year, which was 2012, which was our second best in 127 years playing baseball. So we’re now standing at number two. We can’t quite get to number one, but that’s clearly in our sights next year.”

Next up, the red hot Diamondbacks.

“They’re a tough team,” Coonelly says.”They’re fighting for the opportunity for a wild card, so all these games are meaningful for them. Obviously they’re meaningful for us because we’re fighting for a division title.”

As for PNC Park?

“It’s just so much more beautiful with 38 thousand fans in there.”

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