INDIANA COUNTY (KDKA) – A local man says that his daughter and two granddaughters would still be alive if an Indiana County hospital had properly treated the man who killed them.

That’s the premise of a civil lawsuit that was discussed today in court.

It was June 2012 when 40-year-old Lewis Beatty committed one of the most horrific crimes Indiana County had ever seen.

Christine Beatty, 33, died at the hands of her jealous husband.

And 11-year-old Amanda and 6-year-old Sara were also murdered by their own father.

Less than two weeks before the killing spree, Beatty visited Indiana Regional Medical Center.

According to a civil lawsuit, Beatty told doctors there that he was thinking of killing himself and his wife.

Beatty was reportedly given anti-anxiety medication and released.

“It’s our expectation that none of this would’ve happened if he had been treated in accordance with proper standards,” said Victor Pribanic, the attorney for the plaintiff.

Pribanic represents Christine Beatty’s father, who is now seeking damages for the death of his daughter and two granddaughters.

The lawsuit alleges that Lewis Beatty never underwent a mental health evaluation, despite having both suicidal and homicidal thoughts.

It also alleges that Indiana Regional Medical Center was grossly negligent in not warning Christine Beatty about the direct threat made against her.

An attorney for IRMC did not return our call for comment.

“The allegations in the complaint describe an utter and complete failure to react to clear evidence of a patient appearing in the hospital who was frightened, ill, troubled, seeking help and making statements and threats about harming himself and killing his wife,” Pribanic said.

The judge will rule on the objections discussed today within the next 30 days.

But no matter what, this case will move forward.

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