PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — It’s been about a year-and-a-half since millions of dollars went missing from an armored truck in the Strip District and the body of Michael Haines also found inside.

For months Kenneth Konias was on the run until he was found at a house in Pompano Beach, Fla. months later. His hosts claimed not to have known anything about murder or theft.

But last month, Pittsburgh Police obtained a search warrant specifically so that they could photograph tattoos of money bags and a money sign on Konias’ hands.

When police did confront him, it led to a violent struggle, according to a motion filed by Konias’ lawyer, Charles LoPresti, who also expressed concern that he’s shown signs of
mental abnormalities which raises concern about his mental state.

The defense wants a forensic psychologist to look Konias over.

The defense motion also claims Konias has “shaved his head, gained weight and has either tattooed himself and/or marked or scarred his hand … Further, Mr. Konias has exhibited other mental behaviors which has resulted from and in, Mr. Konias being in lockdown and/or isolation 23 hours per day,” according to court papers filed by the defense.

Investigators suspect the tattoos were done in the jail. And when asked for a comment about that, warden Orlando Harper released this statement:

“The making of tattoo guns by the inmate population is considered contraband and not tolerated. Inmates in possession of tattoo guns and any other contraband will be disciplined in accordance to jail policy and procedures and the contraband confiscated.
If the contraband is serious, such as drugs and weapons, the inmate will be charged by the county police.”

Konias’ trial, most recently scheduled for September, is now scheduled for November.

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