PITTSBURGH (93-7 The FAN) – Former NFL offensive lineman Kyle Turley joined Starkey, Miller and Mueller to talk about the upcoming documentary he’s a part of “United States of Football” in which they discuss the dangers of playing football at every level.

Turley says if he could go back and do anything differently in his career, he would do it all again, but now he would be armed with the information necessary to know what was happening to his body.

“I had only a couple of documented concussions in my career,” Turley said.  “Over the years of playing in the National Football League, I had episodes that were really confusing to me as things that were going on with me health wise.  Episodes of extreme vertigo, memory issues and decision making things, attitude things, emotional things that were becoming out of hand for me.”

Since the NFL picks season has begun to monitor concussions closer and take precautions with players, Turley points out what steps they can take to even further help this cause.

“You don’t continue to put players back in the games after receiving concussions,” he says.  “I’ve seen that happen a number of times last season in the NFL, and so it trickles down.”

We also hear from Turley on why hitting technique is as poor as it is today, and how that leads to some of these injuries.

“The worst coaches collectively are the kids coaches,” Turley said.  “In these leagues where it’s just a guy who decided to pick up the slack for all the rest of the parents in these leagues that are out there, and say ‘I’ll coach.’ They don’t have qualifications to teach these kids proper technique.”

Things wrapped up with Turley talking about the new rules the NFL and College Football have put in place this year to try and protect the players from head injuries.

You can view the “United States of Football” website here: http://theusof.com/

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