Dear Pittsburgh, I would like to introduce you to something magical and special to my heart: See’s Candies.

To properly explain how great See’s is, I feel like I should note that I am not a native Pittsburgher. I was born and raised in Orange County, Calif. and have only experienced life as a non-Californian since I packed up and moved out here close to two years ago.

Having been raised in Southern California, I did not realize until later in my life that delicious See’s Candies were not available at every mall in the country and for a long time was primarily only in SoCal.

Over more recent years, however, they’ve expanded into other states. And on a recent trip to Ross Park Mall, I was delighted to see a “coming soon” sign for See’s Candies.

I want to say that I do love Sarris Candies and many of our local brands in Pittsburgh, but See’s is the candy of my childhood.

Not only would every trip to the mall – no matter how big, small or urgent — require a trip through the See’s line for a bag of chocolate treats and lollipops, but I even had a small cardboard “See’s House” as a little girl in which I spent hours playing and carefully arranging my stuffed animals.

So it is safe to say (any all who know me will attest to this) that I’m very excited for Pittsburgh to try See’s.

See’s stores are not totally dissimilar from Godiva. Although See’s is less expensive and has more of an old-timey, homemade feeling with a bigger selection.

If you do venture over to the new See’s (unfortunately I’m not sure when the store opens), I recommend the following candies:

Milk Chocolate Bordeaux, which has a creamy, brown sugary inside.

Scotchmallow, which is a layer of chewy caramel with a layer of marshmallow all covered in chocolate.

Milk Patties, which are two thin disks of chocolate-covered caramel.

Their lollypops are also legendary and come in flavors like butterscotch, chocolate and café latte. And I’m also a fan of just their milk chocolate candy bar with almonds.

Lots of people also love their peanut brittle and swear by it, although I’m personally just a chocolate gal.

Hopefully if you’ve never sampled See’s, you’ll give it a try now that it’s coming to the ‘Burgh.

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