FAYETTE COUNTY (KDKA) – State police say a vehicle drove all over the turf at Redstone Football Field.

The field is the home of teamwork, dedication and pride, so you can imagine what people felt when they saw it had been ruined by a driver.

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“It just looks horrible, there’s barely an adjective to describe how we feel right now,” said Emily Behm in the Brownsville Area Marching Band.

Police say a pickup truck busted through a locked gate, took to the field and turfed it, leaving brown gouges where there was once a fine field of green.

“We’ve had to cancel our youth league, our soccer, maybe by tomorrow we’ll have our football team ready to go,” said Brownsville Area Superintendent Dr. Phil Savini, “Long term, maybe three weeks out.”

Playing on the field with the damage is out of the question.

“My team and youth, they have to play here Friday night,” said football coach Von Braddock. “We’re concerned about their team as well, I don’t want to see a kid ruin his career due to some fool.”

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Regarding who’s responsible, the investigation is ongoing. However, there are some very good leads and even if they do make an arrest soon, it’s going to talk time for the field to get back to where it needs to be.

So, now it’s find a field if you can or postpone one like the youth football team had to do last night.

“I’m just disappointed in human nature right now,” youth football player Packer Trempus said.

“This was going to be my first game,” youth football player Cole Lincoski said. “And I was kinda happy I was going to play, until Austin told me someone wrecked the field and I was like aw, man.”

Damages to the field are set at $5,000, what’s not damaged is the fighting spirit of the players and band members.

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“Keep going on, brush this off, find a place to play somewhere else,” said youth football player Austin Lincoski, “Keep moving forward, no it’s not fair at all.”


Redstone Football Field Damaged After Vehicle Is Driven Over Turf
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