DORMONT (KDKA) — The little dogs gathered early in the heat of late summer, for the Labor Day Doggy Dip in the Dormont Pool.

The little guys make their way toward the shallow end.

Gretchen Fieser of the Western Pennsylvania Humane Society says the $25 fee will be split two ways.

“I expect, probably with this nice weather, at least 600 people, maybe more,” she says, “and the money goes to the Western Pennsylvania Humane Society to help the animals that are in need in our community. Half the money goes there, half the money goes to the Dormont Pool, which keeps it in operation for the people all summer long.”

Lifeguards are at the ready in case there is trouble in the water. Not to be critical, but most of the swimmers haven’t made it past the dog paddle stage.

Isaiah the cocker spaniel does a pretty good rendition of that particular stroke.

“He did pretty good,” his owner says. “This was his first time.”

A Jack Russell named Rooster needed a little coaxing.

“He won’t go in on his own,” his owner admits, “but once you take him in, he’ll swim.”

But Boo, the Boston terrier, wanted no part of the pool.

“She looked around at the other dogs,” his owner said with a smile, “and walked the other way.”

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