PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Smiles all around as the Pirates high-fived their way off Miller Field Tuesday night, able to accomplish what 20 Pirates teams before them had not, a guaranteed .500 season.

“We haven’t really seen anything like this in a long time since I watched baseball,” said Marissa Mack, of Commonwealth Press.

“They are doing well,” said Tyrek Collins, of the North Side. “We get to see the playoffs in how many years?

KDKA John Shumway: “Do you even remember playoffs?”

Collins: “Oh no, I don’t think I was born the last time they were in playoffs.”

The folks at Commonwealth Press on Carson Street have been counting down the needed wins, and there’s still a one on the countdown.

“To us, the streak is about a winning season,” said Dan Rock, of Commonwealth Press. “Getting to .500 is great, but we’re not settling for that. We want a winning season, so we got one more at least.”

With the 82nd win their counter will go to zero, and a page of Pirates history that started with Sid Bream’s slide will be turned with great relief.

Especially to the Clemente family who were worried 21 could have become known for something other than the Great One.

“We’re very happy and proud of the guys doing the job, and being able to have a great season so far and hopefully they will go further and deeper into October,” said Roberto Clemente, Jr.

“So many of the Pittsburgh Pirate fans have never left us; they’ve been with us all 20 years. They have the scars on their backs to prove it,” said Pirates President Frank Coonelly. “To see the joy in their face as they are finally able to say for the first time in a long time, ‘I’m proud to call the Pirates my baseball team,’ that brings a smile to my face.”

The Pirates’ resurgence has become the top story in Major League Baseball, and Andrew McCutchen will be on the cover of Sports Illustrated’s Sept. 9 edition.

“It’s certainly a good sign,” said Doug Stark, of Cecil Township. “They seem to have their act together this year and they should do well, but it’s going to be tough with Cincinnati and St. Louis to the end.”

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