By: Heather Lang

As part of Furry Tails, every now and then I’d like to bring you the stories of animals who have overcome the odds. And so I begin with Ruby’s story in hopes of helping her find a loving home.

From South America to Pittsburgh, Ruby has had a very long journey.

Her story begins in the South American country of Suriname where an American Diplomat found the pup thin and weak, living on the streets of a small village. Ruby was suffering from mange and her ears were covered with fly strikes.

The U.S. Embassy took Ruby in and got her the medical treatment she needed. However, when the current pet living in the embassy didn’t take to her, the diplomat contacted Animal Friends here in Pittsburgh for help.

Ruby was then flown here to our beautiful city. But her long journey won’t be complete until she finds a family to call her own.

According to Animal Friends, Ruby would do well in a “quiet, adult-only home where she can learn life at her own pace.” She is also sensitive to quick movements and sounds.

If you would like to learn more about this shy and timid girl, click here for more information on Ruby.

For more on the pet adoption process at Animal Friends, visit this link.

Special thanks to Animal Friends for letting me tell Ruby’s story!

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