SOUTH SIDE (KDKA) – It’s a disturbing story – in the early morning hours, two men were approached on the South Side and held up. One of them was shot in the face.

But it’s unclear where exactly it took place.

According to Pittsburgh Police, the victims have no clue, just that they were somewhere along E. Carson Street.

Police say the two men were held up, gave over their valuables and as they walked away, the lone assailant fired — the bullet ripping into one of the victims’ face.

The other victim threw the wounded man into his nearby car and tore off to the hospital.

But that’s what’s got investigators scratching their heads, because although the driver had a man with a gunshot wound to his face in his car, he could have easily driven across the street to UPMC Mercy or one of the many facilities in Oakland. Instead, he chose to drive 16 miles to Monroeville to Forbes Regional Hospital.

The wounded man’s exact condition and ID are not known. He was last reported in surgery. Police have interviewed the other victim, the only description they have is the actor was an African American male.

“A lot of the violence is from outsiders coming in,” said South Side resident Dave Belasco, “which you can’t stop.”

But to figure out if the shooter was from here or somewhere else, they’ve got to figure out where it happened.

There are surveillance cameras all around the South Side. The hope is they may show something. Belasco says he thinks someone likely saw something.

“Oh yeah,” he said, “we’re vigilant around here.”

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