PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — After that ticket appears on your windshield, you have the option to pay it or appeal it.

But if you appeal, you’ll need to come to parking court; and according to Evelyn McBride of North Braddock, that can add insult to injury.

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“You’ve got to find a garage. You’ve got to get here early. You’ve got to wait in line. You’ve got pay a dollar, $3 an hour to park,” she says.

Every weekday, parking court fills with ticketed folks waiting to appeal their fines. But soon, they’ll be able to save themselves the bother.

KDKA’s Andy Sheehan: “What if you could appeal online?”

McBride: “I would love to do it online. Sit at home, don’t have to pay; don’t have to worry about getting a ticket while you’re trying to fight a ticket.”

Come next Tuesday, parking court will go online and you’ll be able to appeal a ticket using your home computer.

Pittsburgh Parking Authority Head Dave Onorato says you’ll simply enter the ticket number, and then type in the reason you feel it unjust, such as a faulty meter and unclear signage.

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You can even post photographic evidence as part of your defense.

“And then you submit it,” said Onorato.

Within a week or a few days, you’ll get the judge’s disposition. If you don’t win, you still have the ability to go downtown and contest the ticket in person.

“It’s very quick and convenient for the customer instead of having to take time out from their busy day to come downtown and attend a hearing,” Onorato says.

Evelyn McBride doesn’t need any convincing.

“Online? I’m for it. Count me in,” she says. “I will be one of the people online.”

Parking Tickets Can Soon Be Appealed Online (6/7/13)
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