PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — The Buccos’ bats finally woke up against the San Diego Padres Thursday afternoon ahead of a big series against the Cincinnati Reds.

So, is this a sign of things to come?

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Awakening the Bucco Bats

The outlook wasn’t brilliant for the Bucco nine that day.
They fell three times to the Padres, with one game left to play.
Would the offense be anemic when the Reds come into town?
Or could this be the moment when they turn it all around?

Could Bucco bats awaken from their unbecoming blight?
“A little bit more hitting and they’ll be all right.”
First the Padres, now the Reds. Can they somehow get it done?
“You’ve gotta relax, you know. Play ball. Have fun.”

Though they’ve weathered stormy seas, fans think they’ll still go far.
“We’re gonna take it home this year. Arrrr!”
Will the team do something glorious, when hope is nearly gone?
“They’re gonna come out victorious, and they’re gonna keep moving on.”

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Fans unfurl their Jolly Rogers, as the umpire cries, “Play ball!”
“I’ll be at four games this week. We’re gonna win them all.”
There are cries of “Let’s go Pedro!” as he clears the outfield wall,
And hometown boy Neil Walker tears the cover off the ball.

“All at once, there’s no one talking of a late September swoon,
As Bucco bats exploded on a sunny afternoon.
If some are gripped by panic, there really is no reason.
“I’m enjoying this. It’s been a wonderful season.”

That season isn’t over. The Bucs have just begun.
Will they conquer Cincinnati? Yes. The odds are 10 to one.

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