PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Twins make up 20 percent of the kindergarten class at Burchfield Elementary School in Allison Park.

Principal Jeff Rojik says it makes for a good transition from home to school.

“You often have times where you have kids who are nervous about coming to school, who are anxious and have a lot of apprehension,” he says. “But so far, with 20 twins in a set of 100 students, it’s a nice transition. They have a brother or a sister to help them get through the tough times.”

It does make for an interesting yearbook photo. Sally Engel discuss the advantages of “twindom” with her brother, Cy.

“Whenever you want someone to play with and you don’t have anybody else, you’ve got somebody in your family, you have a twin,” Sally says.

It’s not just the kindergarten class. The principal says the first grade at Burchfield has four sets of twins and one set of triplets. Something in the water?

“It could be in the water,” the principal says with a laugh.

This class should be very good at counting by twos.

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