McDONALD (KDKA) — At the Heritage Public Library in McDonald, the librarian not only knows your name, she can probably tell you about your reading habits since you were a kid.

But this library is in serious trouble, according to head librarian Jennifer Swearman.

“People come in and go, ‘You’re roof looks bad.’ It does look bad, we get that,” she says.

The present building went up in 1997, but the shingles used were faulty and recalled.

The library only got $2,500 in compensation. And now, the roof is falling apart and winter is coming.

“It’s very unsettling, and every day I pray, every day,” Swearman said.

They’ve spent the past year raising money.

“Right now, we have $7,200 in our savings account specifically for the roof, and we did receive a grant from 84 Lumber in the amount of $4,000,” said Swearman.

While they do have enough money for materials, there’s only $3,000 left in the kitty for labor.

To bridge the gap, the librarians have gotten creative. They’re looking for a book-loving roofer with a big heart.

As a thank you, whoever is willing will be treated like a king or queen, with lots of signage with the company’s name, there will even be a perk when answering the phone.

“With ‘Hello, this is Heritage Library sponsored today by ‘XYZ Roofing,’ how can we help you?'” Swearman said.

Also, librarians will get out the grill and feed the workers for the job’s duration.

“I make chocolate cookie dough cupcakes that are like to die for,” Swearman adds.

A small town library is not just a place to borrow the latest best seller, it shelters the communities it serves.

“We have people who come in to use the computers, people who cannot afford that technology,” says library patron Pat Wyrick.

“And if this library has to close, McDonald and the surrounding communities will not have that resource anymore,” Becky Price adds.

Swearman is one librarian looking for a “happily ever after.”

“We’re in crisis mode,” she says. “We need to put on a roof.”

If you think that you’d like to help the Heritage Public Library, you can contact them at 724-926-8400 or visit their website at

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