LONDON (KDKA) — From the moment the Steelers and Vikings took the field, it was evident the crowd at Wembley Stadium came from all walks of the National Football League’s international fan base.

The Vikings passed out flags in an attempt to overcome the waving Terrible Towels.

But the Steelers Nation was out in full force, and optimistic.

“I’m loving it,” said one fan.

“We’re gonna win,” added another.

“They better or I’m going shopping at half time,” said one fan.

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Even though the Vikings jumped out to an early lead, Le’Veon Bell’s first touchdown kept hope alive for Steelers fans.

“I’m glad we got some points on the board in the first quarter,” said one fan.

But this simply was not the Steelers day in London, and they fell to 0-4.

“My reaction is – I think it’s going to be a long season,” said one fan.

“I wish Ben would be allowed to do what he wants to do, and I think we’d do a lot better,” added another.

“Disappointed, thought we’d show better,” a Steelers fan said.

“I should have stayed back in Pittsburgh,” said another fan.

Of course, you didn’t have to be in London to feel the sting and disappointment of another loss.

But many of the fans who did make the trip have tacked on vacations. As a result, they won’t be rushing back to Pittsburgh; instead, they’re off to the countryside of England and other destinations.

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