HEMPFIELD (KDKA) – State police are investigating a possible sexting scandal at hempfield high school.

School administrators called police after learning that sexually explicit photos or video were being exchanged by students via their cell phones.

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So far, at least five students have been identified as receiving a sexually explicit text message.

Police are investigating whether there could be more students involved.

School officials notified police when they learned that students had been sending sexually explicit messages on their cellphones.

“Our investigators went to the school, the investigated several individuals that – believed to be a part of the investigation,” said State Police Tpr. Steve Limani.

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State police aren’t elaborating on the circumstances, but students who asked not to be identified tell KDKA that a 16-year old girl sent a video of herself to her boyfriend who then sent it to at least three friends when the couple broke up.

“Now we have confiscated a few cell phones and have talked to multiple students and their parents at the school to try and determine exactly what happened,” Limani said.

Investigators are now going through phones and phone records to see who received the message and what they did with it – a process that takes a great deal of time.

Hempfield high school administrators did not return a call seeking comment.

State police say if you receive a sexually explicit message you should not panic, but report it to police or school administrators immediately.

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