GREENE TOWNSHIP (KDKA) – Residents in one Beaver County town are seeing double on a stretch of road.

Road crews recently painted new lines on Georgetown Road in Greene Township. However, the lines are a little blurred.

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For about a two-mile stretch, the double-solid yellow line in the middle of the road becomes a triple and even quadruple-solid line.

KDKA’s Brenda Waters Reports:

“I feel as a taxpayer of Greene Township, if our township workers do not have the proper equipment to do the job properly or the knowledge, because I was also told that they were training the workers how to use the machine, I feel we should have subcontracted this out,” said Diane Neugebauer, a Greene Township resident.

Township Supervisor Merry Smith said their road painting machine is about 20 years old and they have had problems with it in the past. However, their annual township budget is only $600,000 so they are unable to replace it.

A crew of four painted the lines initially.

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“No, it was not operator error,” Smith says. “It’s an old machine, bought 20 years ago. We tried to work with it due to finances; [we] can’t afford a new line painting truck.”

Smith says the truck has been repaired.

She says a crew will be called back in early next week to paint the road black. They will then paint new lines to correct the problem.

“Would I say it’s hazardous? No, but I wouldn’t want to leave it like this,” Smith says. “We are not going to leave it like this.”

Raw Video: See Part Of The Improperly Painted Lines


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