PITTSBURGH (NewsRadio 1020 KDKA) — Mike Pintek stopped by Upper St. Clair High School on Thursday for a broadcast of the KDKA High School Tour.

Mike featured the high school and some of the activities, as well as spoke with students about issues that affect them during the live broadcast.

The drum Line kicked off the show and then Mike spoke with librarian Janine Despines about the school.

Mike also spoke with students who visited the Dominican Republic for a club called “Kids Helping Kids” and also with students from the Leadership Academy.

Mike also spoke with the students about the government shutdown to get their views and find out how it’s affecting them.

During the second hour, Mike continued to speak with the students about political issues, including Obamacare.

Several students said they think everyone should have access to affordable health care, but were not sure how they would feel in the future about paying into that once they were working.

Mike also discussed zero-tolerance policies in schools and the Fox Chapel incident, in which a student forgot to take his hunting knife out of his pocket before going to a football game and was suspended when he alerted a security guard.

The students responded by saying that they believed it was an accident and that the student shouldn’t have been suspended. He also brought up Upper St. Clair’s policy that sates students aren’t allowed to drive to school unless they have a job and a permit with the school to do so.

During the final hour, the Chanteclairs started off with a song in honor of an upcoming Disney trip with the school.

Mike spoke with the Environmental Club, found out their interests and wrapped up the show by chatting with Principal Dr. Michael Ghilani who was named “Principal of the Year” in Pennsylvania in 2013.