Are you looking to bring a pet into your home? Local animal shelters are a great place to find a furry companion. So, as part of Furry Tails, I’ll be doing an ongoing feature on adoptable pets from local animal shelters once a week. If you have room in your heart and are looking to bring a lovable ball of fur into your home, maybe one of these guys is meant to be a part of your family!


Animal Rescue League
Gotti is a very special boy in need of a very special home! If you’re looking to add another pooch to your family, he might just be the dog for you!

Animal Rescue League says:
“Gotti is a 1-year-old American Bulldog mix who came to the Animal Rescue League about two months ago. Soon after arriving, we realized that, in fact, he is deaf. So we put together a small group of volunteers and a small group of dedicated staff that helped to put together a protocol and set up hand signals so Gotti could slowly but surely learn how to better communicate with humans.

“Gotti loves other dogs. He’s really hilarious to watch when he sees another dog off in the distances with whom he really wants to play. He likes other dogs so much, we teamed him up with another dog named Kevin who is also up for adoption at the Animal Rescue League. Since Gotti gets along very well with other dogs, we are looking for a forever home with another canine in the household. Having another dog around not only offers a playmate but also offers a role model to whom he can turn for guidance on how to interact with people.

“Gotti has made tremendous progress during his time at the Animal Rescue League with learning hand signals and how to connect with people.”

Click below for a video feature on Gotti!

For more information about the adoption process at the Animal Rescue League, visit their website here!



Animal Friends

(Photo Courtesy: Animal Friends)

(Photo Courtesy: Animal Friends)

Last week, we brought you the story of beautiful Juliet! Well, she’s still waiting at Animal Friends for her forever family.

Animal Friends says:
“Juliet, a 3-year-old Siberian Husky, is one of the most intelligent dogs we’ve ever met. She used that intelligence to survive on her own in a cemetery — with a broken leg — for at least nine months!

“Juliet evaded capture for almost a year before she became sick enough to allow herself to be caught. Now healthy and safe at Animal Friends, Juliet has made friends, both canine and human, but seems to really enjoy being around other friendly, playful dogs. She loves to play and relax with other canines. Juliet would like to go home with another dog — the friendlier and more social, the better!

“As a result of her life on the run, Juliet lives with a lot of fear and must go home with people who will keep her extra safe. Because she bolts when frightened, Juliet should never be left alone outside. She also needs a home with no young children who might leave a door or gate open.

“If you are a special person who is looking for a special dog, Juliet might just be the girl for you. Come visit her today! Someone believes in Juliet so much that they have sponsored her adoption! She truly is priceless!”

Juliet has been spayed, vaccinated and microchipped.

Click here to read more about Juliet, how she got her name and her long journey!

Watch video of Juliet here:

For more information on how you can adopt any of the pets at Animal Friends, visit their website here! They are located at 562 Camp Horne Road, Pittsburgh, Pa. 15237. And can be reached at 412-847-7002.


Western Pennsylvania Humane Society

Watch video of Mischevious here:

Looking for a feline companion? This sweet girl is waiting for her forever family!

Western Pa. Humane Society says:
“Have you met this beautiful lady yet? Mischevious is a beautiful, green-eyed girl who is looking for a warm home to snuggle up in this winter. Come meet this tabby girl today!”

For more information on how you can adopt any of the pets at the Western Pennsylvania Humane Society, visit their website here!


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