PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – From the stages and studios of Pittsburgh to the bright lights of HBO and sound stages in New York, Margot Bingham — or Margot B — has been turning heads.

“I kind of landed the dream job of a lifetime being able to sing and act and have both be very strong in one place,” Bingham said.

The young lady from Pittsburgh plays Daughter Maitland on the HBO hit “Boardwalk Empire,” who is a 1920s singer in Atlantic City jazz clubs.

“I just kind of made a compilation of all of them and created this other character that I try to think and picture the best that she would fit amongst the group of beautiful women that changed the jazz age forever,” Bingham said.

Music is what changed Bingham’s life. Her fourth album is a funk/soul blend, which is a far cry from the jazz she styles on “Boardwalk Empire.”

“It’s a great challenge to have to go back and forth and have a funk/soul gig, which is my own stuff and then turn it around and sing something so quaint and very presentable to these tiny little 20s clubs,” Bingham said.

It has not been easy. She said her foundation for success was laid here in Pittsburgh by many people at CAPA High School.

“That’s what makes you as an artist. You have to create something very, very strong to move or you have nothing to build upon so I can thank all of my people at CAPA for that. That was definitely them,” Bingham said.

Despite the recent run, dealing with the rejections of the acting and music world are constants in her life.

“It’s the same battle every single day. You have to know that this is exactly what I wanted to do and this is where my love is and I know that even though those phone calls might come across my mind, the thought of leaving this all behind and living without it would ruin me,” Bingham said.

Based on what fans think of her talent, it’s not something she will be leaving behind for a long time.


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