PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – North Huntingdon police are still looking for a man suspected of inappropriately touching a tanning salon employee Sept. 30.

It happened at the Sun Tan Seekers Salon in the 7200 block of Route 30.

Detective Sgt. Jeffrey Bouldin released new video of the suspect Monday.

“A white male entered the store asking about sun tanning. The female employee gave him a lot of information about how their procedures work. The man then asked about spray tanning,” says Bouldin.

“The actor asked the employee to show her the spray tanning booth. Once they got into that room, he started to ask her some questions that made her feel very uncomfortable. That white male actually touched that employee in a criminal nature. The female employee then left the room, went back out to the office. When she was asked about his demeanor early on, he asked a lot of questions, apparently familiar with someone working in a tanning area. So she says she’s a good judge of character and she wasn’t suspicious of him at all. It wasn’t until he actually got into the room that he actually started getting what she thought was very inappropriate. Her concerns were that when he became inappropriate as far as what she felt he was questioning her or asking them to do, at that time is when she tried to exit the room the incident occurred.”

Police believe one still picture depicts the suspect touching himself.

“It appears that he may have been touching himself that is correct,” says Bouldin.

The video depicts the reflection of a car leaving the parking lot after he left, but few details can be gleaned from the video.

“It’s a lighter color – what appears to be a lighter color. Older model but we can’t — it’s very hard to determine what kind it is ’cause it’s reflection in a mirror,” he said.

Anyone with information about the case is asked to call North Huntingdon Police in Westmoreland County.

Stay with KDKA for more information.

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