PITTSBURGH (KDKA 93-7 The Fan) — While broadcasting live from Monte Cello’s for another edition of The Larry Foote Show, the Steelers linebacker told The Fan’s Andrew Fillipponi that his cast following biceps surgery came off over the weekend.

“It’s in great shape, the doctor was pleased. I can extend my arm all the way out,” Foote said. “A lot of times with this surgery extending it might come a little later than you want, but I can extend it.”

Foote added that he’s rehabbing the injury, and will be able to start lifting weights in November.

The Steelers got their first win Sunday when they defeated the Jets 19-6. Fillipponi asked Foote if the win lifted a weight off of their backs.

“Normally, our coaches would have been a little more cool, but they were excited,” Foote said. “(It was) the rookies first win in the NFL, so it was a great plane ride home.”

The Baltimore Ravens come to Heinz Field on Sunday. Fillipponi asked if the Ravens are like a twin brother. Foote responded that the Ravens have evolved into that over the last few seasons.

“They’re physical, that’s the nature of the way they play,” Foote said. “(They’ve) always been led by great defense. It’s always a three-point game, always low-scoring. It’s going to be a battle.”

Even though neither team has a winning record, Foote said that it’s still a big rivalry.

“There’s still a lot of faces over there that we don’t like, and they don’t like us over here. Definitely respect them,” Foote said. “The cities don’t like each other, and that rivalry’s been going on since I’ve been here.”