PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – The East End of Pittsburgh has one of the city’s great success stories and now, a new facility hopes to continue that story of success for all the people of that neighborhood.

The East End Cooperative Ministry has moved into its new 56,000 square foot home.

“I think this is the anchor of the social fabric of the economic development of the community. People see East Liberty changing, but what they don’t see is that there are still and will continue to be many people that need services,” Executive Director Myrna Zelenitz said.

The East End Cooperative Ministry serves hundreds, including a variety of meals ministries.

Sometimes it’s the little things that make a very big difference. For instance, having great big sinks where they can clean up after preparing as many as 300 meals per day. Having those proper facilities in a commercial grade kitchen can make all the difference.

“The site we have been operating out of now, basically we have two ovens and six burners and so it’s always a struggle trying to get the food out, juggle time-wise. We’ll be able to plan our production much better, hold our food much better. We meet all the rules and regulations, but we’re not always able to do it in a smooth manner,” Hunger Programs Director Ed Kinley said.

Staff members are banking on the fact the new house will help them with the ministry of helping others.

“They will be the drivers of their program. They will be the ones establishing the goals that they want to achieve and will be walking beside them, helping them to achieve what they want instead of us telling them you need to do this this and this,:” Impacts Program Director Kellie Wild said.

Children’s programs will use the same classrooms that the adults use during the day for employment programs and work therapy.

One of the hidden gems of the building is a floor-to-ceiling mural by CMU faculty member Duane Copper showing Pittsburgh’s past, and present and what they are counting on being a bright future.


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