DELMONT (KDKA) — Thousands remain under a precautionary boil water advisory in several communities in Westmoreland, as well as Allegheny and Armstrong counties, after a problem was discovered in the water filtration system.

And it could be a long weekend as they wait for things to get back to normal.

Daniel Ferri, the owner of the Lamplighter Restaurant in Delmont, says they have decided to stay open while the advisory remains in effect. But it means plenty of extra work.

They are boiling their water in two massive kettles.

“We have to boil all the water that we use, whether it be just to wash your hands or to use it to cook with,” said Daniel.

Customers are using regular plates right now, but it will be disposable plates soon.

“I think will be switching over to paper here shortly just ‘cause it’s hard when you’re hand washing everything,” said Adam Ferri.

Nearby, a King’s Family Restaurant is already using disposable plates, calling it “picnic style.”

In Murrysville, Dick’s Diner is closed because of the water, but will reopen Saturday at 6:30 a.m., according to a sign hung in the window.

Meanwhile, people are grabbing cases of water off of store shelves.

At the Choice Discount store, they have moved the water up front.

“We have only gallon; we ran out of cases of water,” said Harjit Singh, of Choice Discount Tobacco Outlet. “People like cases ‘cause it’s better to handle bottles.”

The advisory started after a routine check at the Municipal Authority of Westmoreland County’s George R. Sweeney Treatment Plant. A filter malfunctioned, and while no contamination has been found in the actual water supply, the boil water advisory is a precaution.

“In the most extreme cases, you would have flu-like symptoms, but we have no evidence that any of that type of material escaped the plant,” said Chris Kerr, the general manager of the Municipal Authority of Westmoreland County.

Municipal Authority Of Westmoreland County Issues Boil Water Alert (10/24/13)
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