PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Our area has showcased many reality TV stars, such as “Survivor” contestants, the “Dance Moms” and “Farm Kings.”

And now a new show will feature more of Western Pennsylvania.

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“Salvage Dawgs” is one of the latest entries in do-it-yourself reality TV. And if you tune in to pawning, picking or house flipping, you just might like it.

Airing on DIY and HGTV, “Dawg” stars Mike Whiteside and Robert Kulp, who own a salvage business in Roanoke, Va., set their sights on saving architectural treasures.

“I was here when this was a school,” Youngwood Borough Council President Lloyd Crago said.

Crago points to where the “Salvage Dawgs” crew will be camping out — at what was once “Youngwood High School,” built in 1917.

No one will say exactly when, but no doubt the boys will be interested in rescuing items like the Art Nouveau lamp posts beside the Gothic arch entry. Classrooms and hallways are still original. After the building is stripped – it’s slated for demolition.

“When we first talked about tearing it down, a lot of people were upset,” Crago said. “People are still upset about it.”

The television production company will offer more fame than fortune to Youngwood. But aside from that, what they’re trying to find before there’s any demolition – it’s where the time capsules from the school were buried.

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“This one was put in for the Centennial in 1999,” Crago said.

Buried among the mums, they have located the 1999 capsule, but it’s the 1976 version that’s a mystery.

“We’ve been tracking down old teachers,” Crago said.

Crago has his own idea.

“I remember being at a ceremony or being out by the flag pole for some reason in 6th grade – I think that’s where it’s at,” Crago said.

Another capsule may be walled up in an addition from the late ’50s or ’60s.

Demolition should be finished next April.

“Hopefully within a year this will be a nice playground and a basketball court for the kids in town,” Crago said.

A place to make new memories.

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