WILKINS TOWNSHIP (KDKA) – Police are investigating an early Thursday morning home invasion in Wilkins Township.

According to police, the incident happened around 4 a.m. at the Highland Manor Apartments in the 300-block of Dorothy Street.

The couple was asleep inside their apartment when they woke up to the screen door being popped off the lock. They got on the phone with 911 and were unsure if the people inside their apartment were armed.

Maneuvering a back door off the hinges, as many as three men broke into the first floor apartment.

“We were told as we were going to the scene that the suspects were probably still in the apartment,” Wilkins Township Police Sgt. Randy Lamb said. “They were in their bedroom. The important thing is they did the right thing. They stayed locked in their bedroom. Didn’t come out to try and confront or see what was going on, which is exactly what we tell people to do.”

The woman who was inside said she and her boyfriend quietly got on the phone with 911 as they heard the suspects rummaging through their belongings.

“They were able to give us kind of a play-by-play of what was going on up until we arrived,” Sgt. Lamb said.

The couple said their Xbox was stolen, along with a laptop, iPod, the woman’s purse, a pair of jeans and oddly, two ashtrays. The woman said that just when she thought they left, she heard them back in the apartment gathering more items and laughing before her boyfriend yelled out a threat and they took off.

“It seems like they probably entered through the sliding glass door and from what we could tell, they left the same way,” Sgt. Lamb said.

Responding officers said around a dozen other officers from nearby departments came in to assist in trying to catch the suspects who ran off, most likely into the woods.

“They were on a good track. Tracked probably for a half-mile and then unfortunately, probably due to the weather, it was raining pretty heavily at the time, it was lost,” Sgt. Lamb said.

Police are following solid leads in hopes of catching the suspects.


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