BROWNSVILLE (KDKA) — The Brownsville Area Board of Education heard Thursday from angry parents.

They say they are upset that Brownsville Area Middle School Principal Vincent Nesser recently shared details of some students’ grades at an open assembly.

Critics feel Nesser’s actions were violating the students’ constitutional rights of privacy.

“Their grades are private information, between the student, the school and parents,” Susan DeWitt told the board meeting.

Another parent, Amber Terreta said Nesser’s actions amounted to bullying.

“It allowed some of the better students to judge others, and essentially pick on some of the students,” said Terreta.

Jack Purcell, the school district solicitor, said that the matter was a tough issue for the community to understand, but the issue was investigated and action was taken.

Sources said Nesser was suspended for two weeks and now he’s back on the job.

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