PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Ever thought about buying a home security system, but didn’t want to spend the money? Rest assured, there are some cheaper alternatives.

They won’t call the police for you, but they should give you some peace of mind.

Jim and Colette Silvis of Latrobe agreed to let KDKA use their home for a demonstration.

With two children, under the age of 4, the Silvis’ are always happy to save a buck.

State Police Tpr. Steve Limani took KDKA’s Trina Orlando shopping with a very specific goal: find five ways to make your home safer for under $20.

We shopped at Lowe’s, Walmart, Home Depot and Dollar Tree.

1. Home security system sign. You don’t need to actually have the system, you need to make people think that you have one. Trooper Limani says, “Perception is reality.”

2. Dog. Actually having one is best, but if you don’t, Limani says a “Beware of Dog” sign and a large dog bowl with an ominous name like “Killer” or “Spike” might encourage would be burglars to go elsewhere.

3. Window alarms. These are installed on the window itself and also the frame. When the bond is broke, the alarm sounds.

4. Sliding lock. When installed on your front door, it lets a burglar know there is someone inside. Most burglars prefer a home where they won’t have to deal with residents. You can install them on as many doors and windows as you like.

5. Baby Monitor. Many people have them collecting dust in the attack and now they can be put to use. Trooper Limani suggests putting the monitor on your front porch, so you can hear someone trying to break in the same way you would hear a baby crying.

The grand total- just $17.50.

The Silvis’ were impressed with our “creative” and “resourceful” ideas and said they would continue to use them in their home. The baby monitor was their favorite. They also liked the window alarm.

We purchased all of the items at stores within a 10-minute drive of the Silvis’ Unity Township home, but most items could be purchased online even cheaper. The Silvis’ already had a baby monitor, but we also found them online starting around $5.

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