WASHINGTON (AP) – The Justice Department has reached agreement to allow the merger of US Airways and American Airlines.

The agreement requires the airlines to scale back the size of the merger at key airports in Washington and other big cities.

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In August, the government sued to block the merger, saying it would restrict competition and drive up prices for consumers on hundreds of routes around the country.

Meantime, Allegheny County leaders are concerned about the future of Pittsburgh International Airport.

The airport once had more than 500 flights daily, now it just has close to 50.

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Sources close to the issue are convinced that if the merger does go through, the maintenance and operations center jobs at Pittsburgh International Airport will be eliminated.

Allegheny County Executive Rich Fitzgerald says, “We don’t know yet how a merger will effect things like the operations center and maintenance center. We’ve had no commitments. We’ve certainly heard statements out of the headquarters that haven’t given us a lot of hope at this point.”

Investors cheered mergers because of a belief that they lead to a more stable, profitable industry. Delta bought Northwest in 2008 and United and Continental merged in 2010.

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