BIG BEAVER BOROUGH (KDKA) — Around 9:30 or 10 p.m. last Friday night, some driving southbound along Big Beaver Boulevard might have been thinking to their weekends ahead.

Then all of a sudden — crack — then the windshield shatters.

“There were various rocks, stones, metal, different kinds of debris,” Tpr. Rob Lagoon, of the Beaver Barracks describes some of the projectiles.

Calls began coming in to State Police — 14 separate vehicles were damaged by intentionally thrown debris.

“And a lot of these cars either hit that from the roadway, or these objects actually hit their cars as year were traveling,” Lagoon said.

It goes without saying that the people who were hit were seriously rattled.

“Definitely, driving along and all of a sudden you hear a big noise — not sure what it is,” Lagoon said.

So far there are no suspects.

“I know myself and our patrols we went up to that location and we searched the surrounding area in that vicinity,” Lagoon said.

It’s believed that the objects were pitched from these railroad tracks on an embankment above the road.

“We’re glad that nobody was hurt,” Lagoon said.

Anyone with information about the attacks on motorists last Friday is asked to contact State Police.

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