Last night, Twitter basically exploded as the Pittsburgh episode of “Bizarre Foods America” with Andrew Zimmern aired on the Travel Channel.

Unfortunately, I – a sad sap who doesn’t have cable – did not get to see the whole episode, but did catch up on the highlights online.

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What is most exciting about this episode to me is not just that the Steel City is getting some national recognition, but that every time it does, it reinvigorates my love of Pittsburgh and usually gives me new things to be excited about.

Most of all: eating liver.

Yup, I want to eat some liver. I can’t say it’s something I usually (or ever) crave, but I think I need to try liverwurst. Zimmern eats a Brauschweiger sandwich and then goes to the famed Silver Star Meats to see how it’s made. And weirdly (or not) I think I need to give it a try.

I think this is also in part to my fairly recent discovery of the Thin Man sandwich from Thin Man Sandwich Shop in the Strip. It’s chicken liver, bacon and frisee topped with red wine vinaigrette and served on a baguette. It’s truly amazing, please try it.

And speaking of great sandwiches, it turns out that Zimmern’s favorite moment in Pittsburgh was visiting Primanti’s. I’m sure most Pittsburghers are not surprised by this. But I have to say, as a non-native, I have to appreciate his honesty about trying Primanti’s for the first time.

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Zimmern owns up to his own narrow-mindedness, saying he would not have believed a sandwich stacked with fries would be that good. Before trying Primanti’s myself, I was also less than excited that my fries would be smashed in the middle of the sandwich.

However, Zimmern and I were both wrong – and I’d like to point out we’re both man (and woman) enough to admit it! I think I can speak for Zimmern when I say we both love Primanti’s. Side note: I also think the key to a good Primanti’s is getting a flavorful meat … but that’s another issue.

Last thought on the episode — I’m quite jealous that he got to pinch pierogies at Pierogies Plus. I’m ashamed to admit that in my two years in Pittsburgh, I still have not tried their Pierogies (and this is just a painful reminder of that).

But like I said, it’s nice to feel excited about what Pittsburgh offers.

Did you catch the episode? Tell me what you think! Did the “Bizarre Foods” host miss anything?

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