Kids fight.

It’s something police and school administrators understand.

A neighborhood dispute can trigger a fight in school.

Bad blood between kids in school can cause problems in the neighborhood.

Plus – these days – fights aren’t just about throwing a few punches.

Kids are using guns to settle their scores –

And that takes things to an entirely different level.

It may be what happened near Pittsburgh’s Brashear High School Wednesday.

There was a fight and robbery in the school last month.

Students were disciplined – but the victim wasn’t satisfied.

He may have tried to even the score with a gun –

Sending three kids to the hospital.

And now he’s facing some serious charges – as an adult.

This isn’t about security at Pittsburgh Public Schools.

Those buildings could be locked up like Fort Knox –

But that won’t stop violence off school property.

The problem is – kids fight.

It’s why the school district and city police need to share information.

It’s why parents need to teach their children that violence brings its own – often unintended – consequences –

That there are better ways to respond – instead of reaching for a gun.

Ultimately – that’s the only way we can keep our kids safe.