BUTLER (KDKA) — There’s nothing like coming out on a cold morning and finding your tires slashed.

That’s what happened to one man Monday on New Castle Street in Butler.

“Is it even 12 o’clock yet?” said John Christie as he sat on the curb contemplating a tire that needed to be changed.

When his wife pointed out it was close to noon, he said “Yeah, it’s gonna be a long day.”

The jack just wasn’t up to the task, but Christie was trying to keep his cool.

He, his wife Kaitlin, and their daughter Eliza, learned that they were victims of a “random act of meaness,” as they left for breakfast.

“Started driving,” said Kaitlin, “thinking nothing was wrong – and heard whatever a flat tire noise makes.”

Calls started coming in to police after 11:30 p.m. Sunday. Somebody was slashing tires on the west end of Butler. So far 19 vehicles have been reported vandalized. And some of it was caught on surveillance video.

“The cops knocked on my door, like, quarter after 12 — and his was still hissing, so they just got done doing his,” said Dana Oliver.

Oliver’s van and her boyfriend’s Escalade both had the driver’s side tires cut front and back.

“I’m hoping they actually find the person – and they actually pay the price for it,” she said.

Cranky and throwing her toys, 2-year-old Eliza was acting like the grown-ups were feeling.

“You see a car in the middle of a rain storm and you start slashing tires – that’s ridiculous,” said Christie.

“Nobody has the money to get new tires – there’s Christmas coming up – Thanksgiving coming up,” said Christie’s wife Kaitli.

Police are hoping that the surveillance video will lead them to whoever did this. Anyone with information is asked to call Butler City Police.

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