PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – The murder trial for a former armored truck guard accused of killing his co-worker and stealing millions of dollars resumed on Monday.

Both the prosecution and defense rested their case Monday afternoon. Closing arguments are scheduled to take place Tuesday morning.

Pictures taken inside the Garda truck were introduced at the Kenneth Konias trial Monday morning.

The prosecution said the bins inside showed no sign of struggle as Konias claimed.

Autopsy photos were also shown to the judge this morning.

Forensic firearms expert Raymond Everett from the Allegheny County Medical Examiner’s Office testified that in his opinion, Michael Haines was shot in the back of the head from about six inches away.

The defense called one witness and then rested their case. Konias also told the judge he would not testify in the case.

Last week the defense called on Rodney Shockey, a Garda driver. The defense called him only to establish that there were reports from crews weeks before the shooting that there were problems with the money scanner.

Konias told the FBI in Florida that his partner Michael Haines was frustrated that the scanner, discovered in its charger cradle next to the seat where Haines sat, wasn’t working and threw it at Konias, starting a fight.

Konias says he shot Haines in self defense.

As he prosecution wrapped up its case, though, they showed the judge pictures taken inside the truck just after the body was removed, indicating that mail bins on the truck were not in disarray, contradicting Konias claims there was a struggle inside the truck.

Testimony ended last week with surveillance video of Konias and Haines picking up cash from the rivers casino and Konias moving some of the money toward the front of the truck, which employees found unusual.

Then, the truck is caught moving in an outer lot at Home Depot in Ross Township and comes to a stop. Investigators believe Haines was shot there.

The truck then travels down McKnight Road with Haines body inside, then south on I-279 toward the city.

And then into the strip district, seen here at the top of the screen, where the truck finally stopped underneath the 31st bridge.

Konias says he shot Haines in self defense.

Last week, Emily Pollino, who rented a room in the Pompano Beach, Fla. home where Kenneth Konias was arrested, testified that he paid her $2,000 per night for her “escort” services, which included sex.

Friends of Konias, who were called by him presumably shortly after Haines was killed, say they never heard him sound the way he did on the phone that day.

Patrick McGinley, 26, testified he got a call at 1:05 p.m., and Konias asked, “What if I told you you never had to work again?”

Konias then said, “Come with me. I’ve got all this money.”

Then, Konias asked him whether he knew anything about the extradition laws in Canada and Mexico.

When Majorsky eventually asked if he killed somebody, he testified that Konias made a noise confirming that he did, then said, “My life is over.”

Closing arguments scheduled for tomorrow morning in this non jury trial. A verdict could come from Judge David Cashman by tomorrow afternoon.

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