PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Fuzzy monster from the Stone Age? Or just a clumsy guy in a cheap gorilla suit? Either way, the legend of Bigfoot lives on.

That’s especially true in Ellwood City, where a camera crew is shooting scenes for “Bigfoot: The Movie.”

Director Jared Show says Beaver Falls native Joanie Dodds and Nate Magill of Ellwood City play the roles of lovers, riding quads through the woods on their first date.

“We thought quads would be fun,” the director says. “So we’re going to put some cheesy music in the background and play up the fun of it.”

The shaggy star of the film has already wrapped up shooting. Director Show lays out the plot.

“Bigfoot coming to the small town of Ellwood City, and these three rednecks trying to hunt him down and take him out,” he says. “It’s a comedy horror movie.”

Nate’s character bears the wounds of a recent bar fight. But he’s after bigger game.

“Our friend gets killed by Bigfoot and we’re going for revenge,” he explains.

Does Joanie’s character make it to the final credits?

“I do not die in the movie, but I get to kill people,” she says with a laugh.

Cast and crew hope “Bigfoot: The Movie” will be out in time for next Halloween.

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