By: Alyssa Marsico

PITTSBURGH (NewsRadio 1020 KDKA) – Kmart has done it again! They released their holiday ad featuring Joe Boxer products.

The ad shows a line of men in their boxer shorts while the tune of jingle bells plays in the background – you can draw the mental image on your own.

Yes, these ads catch people’s attention and get people talking, but do they actually work?

KDKA Radio’s Bill Rehkopf of the Afternoon News talked with Dave Kwasnick, partner and creative director at Gatesman + Dave, Inc. about the ads and their shock value.

He took us back to Kmart’s first shocker ad that promoted “shipping your pants,” Kwasnick says the reason they are willing to take such risks is because of their financial standing.

“Businesses are willing to take chances on the way up or on the way down,” he says. “I think what we have here is a brand that is definitely on the way down and is willing to take some chances and get people to talk about them.”

Rehkopf noted that Kmart doesn’t necessarily seem to be targeting their demographic, so how successful could their ad really be with shoppers?

Kwasnick says their ads are paying off due to a lot of “free advertising.”

“Right now, after three days, it’s already up to 76,000 hits on YouTube; and looking at the ‘Ship Your Pants,’ that got 19 million, so those are a lot of eyeballs that they didn’t have to really pay a nickel for in media and you can’t fault that.”

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