PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — After debating a major, multi-billion dollar transportation bill this afternoon, the Pennsylvania House has now passed it. Gov. Tom Corbett says he plans to sign it.

Pennsylvania desperately needs money, a lot of money, for transportation issues.

The state needs hundreds of millions of dollars to fund public transit, bridges that are crumbling and in need of repair and roads that are decaying under your tires.

To pay for all of that, lawmakers plan to raise more than two billion dollars a year through the transportation bill.

That money will be divided, with $1.3 billion devoted to state roads and bridges, nearly $500 million for public transit, $237 million to local governments for road maintenance and $86 million to the Turnpike.

But all that money has to come from you.

Lawmakers plan to increase the gas tax. You could be paying 30 cents more a gallon spread out over the next several years.

“Gas as high as it is, I certainly don’t want to pay any more than I already am for gas,” said Joyce Parker, of Observatory Hill.

“I don’t know that I want to pay more for mass transit; they already get quite a bit of money,” added Kevin Blanarik, of Baden.

“People can’t afford it now, can’t afford gasoline, it’s over $3,” said Jack Beham, of Gibsonia.

But it’s more than paying extra for gas.

The vehicle registration fee will go from $36 to $38. On top of that, county governments can impose a $5 fee on each registered vehicle to repair local roads and bridges.

The driver’s license fees will rise from $21 to $23.

Also, tickets for moving violations, like speeding and going through a red light, will see an extra $120 fine.

Pa. Senate Approves Multi-Billion Dollar Transportation Spending Proposal (11/20/13)
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