Christine D'Antonio reporting

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — PennDOT driver Frank Caruso is one of many road crews gearing up for the inclement weather expected to hit our region.

He took KDKA’s Christine D’Antonio for a ride in an anti-icing truck showing exactly how crews plan on spending their evening.

With no snow or ice on the ground yet right now it’s all about prevention.

They’re spraying a mixture of salt and water on the main highways to make sure holiday travelers stay safe.

Right off the highway on McKnight Road, local grocery stores seem to show people’s need to be prepared with the usual suspects missing along with some Thanksgiving necessities.

Saundra Wurster said, “Usually if you go back to the dairy section there’s not much left. I noticed the pumpkin pie is gone and the whipped cream is gone. I needed that.”

Wurster says she’ll back in the morning since it’s not far she’s not too concerned about driving.

Fellow shopper Wayne Tarasi doesn’t care about driving in snow either since he just moved here from Canada.

Wayne Tarasi said, “I could care less, you got good tires. You take your time, the only thing is you have to watch the other crazy people, but you just take your good ole time driving.”


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