PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Thanksgiving and the first day of the Jewish festival of Chanukah take place this year on the same day.

It’s the first time the holidays have coincided in 125 years, and 79,000 years will pass before it happens again.

Wednesday was busy at Pinskers’s Judaica Center in Squirrel Hill.

Shop owner Shlomo Perelman says the combination of holidays is actually somewhat convenient.

“This year it’s very nice,” he says, “because a lot of out-of-towners get to come in with family for Thanksgiving and also participate in Chanukah.”

Chanukah predates the Pilgrims by nearly 2,000 years.

It marks a time when there was only enough oil to light the temple in Jerusalem for a single day.

“The miracle was it lasted for eight,” says the shop owner. “And for that reason, we light eight candles for the holiday of Chanukah, one for each night.”

He says Thanksgiving and Chanukah are both days for giving thanks.

It’s also busy at Murray Avenue Kosher.

Thanksgivukkah calls for a combination of turkey and potato latkes, not to mention Jewish bread that bears a resemblance to the famous gobbler.

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