PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – The holidays came early for nearly 400 Pittsburgh people who are homeless.

By the end of the day, 400 people will receive a new pair of boots, a coat, some food and even medical attention if needed.

“If they have any problems, I will take care of them in my own office. If they need nail care, we can take provide that for them so they can fit in to the shoe comfortably. They get a pair of new shoes, they get two new pairs of socks. This year, we have hand and foot warmers for them. They get flu shots, coats, food, and they are on their way,” Dr. Steve Conti said.

Dr. Conti’s son came up with the idea about eight years ago when they took 30 pairs of shoes to the Light of Light mission on the North Side.

Their outreach project now spans 40 states and will help more than 7,000 homeless Americans.

“The growth is because of the people behind it who believe in it. I guess it’s like any business model in that the volunteers we have every year. I don’t even ask them anymore. They ask me come August whether we are going to do it or not and so it’s grown because it fills a niche,” Dr. Conti said.

All the boots are donated by Red Wing and medical professionals volunteer their time.

“Get my foot checked because I have diabetes to see if they are in good health,” Norman Grayson said.

“For somebody who has nothing, they made me feel pretty good,” Curtis said.

It looks like they are getting ready for a Black Friday sale at a shoe store, but instead all the shoes will be given away to the homeless of Pittsburgh.

“It’s just a blessing that they are doing what they are doing for people around the holidays and I’m really grateful for it,” Grayson said.

“It gives me hope. It gives me hope that the people still care about the less fortunate in the City of Pittsburgh and the streets of Pittsburgh and it just made me feel good,” Curtis said.


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