PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Stuck in near the top of a very tall tree, a cold, hungry cat hasn’t had much to be thankful for.

Squirrel Hill homeowner Daniel Weisleder says the cat has been up in that tree for a week.

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“We called Animal Control. We don’t know whose cat it is,” said Daniel. “They looked at it, and they said there’s nothing we could do. We’d just have to wait it out.”

Sounds like a job for Wizzers Tree Service.

Lee Wyzkoski was hired by Susan Ray, of Gibsonia, after she saw our story on Thanksgiving night at 11 p.m. He’s never rescued a cat before.

“He’s pretty far up there at the top,” said Lee. “I don’t think he’s got many more places to go.”

Sarah Wyzkoski watches her husband climb the towering locust tree as a neighbor produces a cat cage.

What goes up will come down, safely.

“Oh I hope so,” said Daniel. “I don’t want anybody falling, especially in my back yard.”

“Kitty, kitty,” says Lee as he climbs the tree.

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Words of encouragement as the climber makes his way toward the top. The cat seems to know this is a friend.

“Okay kitty. I’m coming,” Lee says.

A little bit higher and in a matter of seconds, the cat is secure. Careful not to let the cat out of the bag, the climber comes back to earth.

For the no longer trapped feline, a cage has never looked so good.

Plans are to take the cat out to a local pet hospital to see how he’s doing.

If the owner isn’t found, well, Lee and Sarah already have three dogs and one cat, so…

“Sure. Bring in another,” he says.

And in the end, it’s a Happy Thanksgiving after all.

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